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Helping you sell

Here to get you there


Selling your home is a journey, and one that Scott Symonds is here to guide you through. Our agents are with you every step of the way, by your side, in person from valuation to completion. Our agents are trained to professionals delivering complete customer satifaction.


We'll help you understand the value of your property and the nature of your local property market.


Selling your property is easier with Scott Symonds ask a team member about PropertyFile and how it can help you stay connected to your porperty 24/7.


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Marketing your property


Most agents just use traditional methods of advertising, whilst these methods are tried and tested and effective we go the the extra mile to think out the box. Our in house creative team are very knowledgeable and use the latest technology and achieve excellent results.


As an additional service we offer 3D Virtual tours, 360º photography and VR experiences for your property marketing materials. This is all done in house so we keep the costs down but services levels high. 


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Sold what happens next?


What we do:


  • As soon as an offer is received we will notify you both verbally and in writing

  • We qualify all our buyers and will be able to advise on the likelihood of the offer proceeding

  • Once the offer has been accepted we will prepare a Memorandum of Sale and write to all parties, confirming the agreed sale price.


It is our aim to keep you informed throughout the whole process, liaising with both you and the buyer's solicitor to keep the process as smooth as possible.


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