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Surveys & Professional

Scott-Symonds Estate Agents can arrange to undertake valuations of all types for residential and commercial properties to confirm the open market value including mortgage valuations on behalf of banks, building societies, and other leadings institutions.


Structural Surveys


Two types of survey are offered by the firm:


  1. The Homebuyer Survey and Valuation

    This provides a report on the structural condition of the property.
    This type of report is particularly appropriate for houses built after the Second World War.

  2. The Building Survey

    This is a more extensive report appropriate for all houses and flats. It can include specialist reports on areas of concern, such as heating, plumbing, electrical and drainage installations. As a consequence of the detail provided, the Building Survey is, of course, the more expensive option.

    Whether the Chartered Surveyor carries out a valuation, a Homebuyer Survey and Valuation or a Building Survey, the same duty of care is applicable, and any defects with the potential to materially affect the value of the property will be commented on.

    Additional professional services include specialist valuations for Capital Gains Tax, probate and family division, freehold and Leasehold Reform Act and Rating.
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